Millie Dollar

Millie Dollar
Location: United Kingdom
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Sultry dancer and model Millie Dollar is a starlet in the world of burlesque. In love with the glitz and glamour of the 1940’s and 50’s her stage presence exudes the very word attitude while her performances use classic feathered boas and fans to thrill and tantalize audiences with her peek here and a peek there signature dance acts such as Jealousy and the Blue Martini. The Blue Martini not only pays homage to classic burlesque with its dance style and music even the name is a nod to the history of burlesque when performers were often jailed and a blue light bulb was used to notify dancers of a police raid.

For the last 7 years Millie Dollar has been transporting people back to a time when burlesque was king, and no doubt she is one of the prize jewels in its crown. Neil Kendall founder of Goldust Burlesque Show said “Millie Dollar always adds a touch of Vintage Glamour. “ By combining classic burlesque style with the rock and roll of the Las Vegas Bump and Grind she delivers a raunchy and energetically frenzied performance with her trademark sassy pout.

Millie can be seen touring with Revue shows such as Missy Malone and Friends, and Time for Tease, and she is a regular at London’s annual Great British Tattoo show. But, never one to stop Millie became the founding member and producer of her own revue show The Martini Lounge possibly named after her act. Though petite compared to most burlesque stars her sensuality packs a punch few others can match.

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