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Burlesque made a comeback and the new stars are creating new classic performances. One of the best performers in the world of burlesque entertainment goes by the stage name Dirty Martini and she is lighting up the stage in venues all over the world.

From New Jersey, Miss Dirty Martini was born into a performing family. A SUNY graduate, she studied Dance Performance and began work with a variety of theater and dance groups. However, once she discovered burlesque, she was hooked. Endowed with a voluptuous figure, she wanted to celebrate it and created a fan dancing act.

Dirty Martini’s talent was quickly recognized within the industry. In 2001, she won the Sally Rand Award for her fan dance. A hard-working performer, she worked with comedian and drag king Murray Hill as well as Taylor Mac and Penny Arcade. She celebrated with stunning performances in Margaret Cho’s “The Sensuous Woman” in 2007.

Dirty Martini has been proclaimed The Reigning Queen of Burlesque and has performed in New York, Las Vegas, and London. Now a headliner, she has graced the stage at international festivals such as the Tease-o-Rama. For three years in a row, she won the title “Best Body in Burlesque.

In 2013, Dirty Martini’s burlesque dancing is on tour with the Dita Von Teese’s Burlesque: Strip Strip Horray! revue. With pinups available and plenty of performances recorded on film, every fan of burlesque can get the opportunity to see this established star in action.

When it comes to modern burlesque, Dirty Martini leads the pack. She is creative and voluptuous with a huge personality! No wonder she with the burlesque performer that burlesque dancers love to watch.

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