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burlesque-corset-outfitAttending a burlesque show means you have a great reason to go mad and get totally dressed up! The majority of people attending a burlesque show put in a lot of effort when it comes to planning their outfits. To look the look the part any clothing you choose must always have some kind of historical styling.

Burlesque entertainers became popular in Victorian times when corsets were a must-have element of every woman’s outfit. Burlesque performers are often seen unlacing their beautiful corsets on stage. A corset gives you the most divinely gorgeous feminine hourglass figure!

Dress etiquette in Victorian times also dictated that you should not be seen dead outside your house without a hat! The prefect burlesque outfit might include a fascinator, which is a small hat or hair clip often pinned to one side of your head.

When you attend a burlesque show you’ll find that the dress code is always formal so you’ll need to polish your best pair of shoes and make sure that you look that part.

50s style dress

If you’d rather not wear a restrictive corset then you could opt for a softer 40’s or 50’s style dress. When matched with a fascinator hat this really looks the part! Pinup shoes and short gloves are great finishing touches to make you look amazing at any burlesque show. .

Men can also look the part in quite a variety of different styles too, but again styles must always have an historical flavour. I love the Victorian Steampunk look which transforms a gentleman by adding flavours of futuristic elements such as brass cogs and watches fastened to parts of your hat or sleeves. Hard to imagine but these look really very dashing. Check out our article burlesque clothing for men.

PHOTO CREDITS: Copyright of photographer Kate Robson
Models: Bethany and Jessy
Clothing and Styling:  Nina Young, Bite Me Couture

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Nina is the founder of Book of Burlesque and can sometimes be seen out and about at burlesque events where she lives in The Netherlands. Nina also loves designing and making clothes and hats - check out her designs over at Bite Me Couture: www.bitemecouture.com


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