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Anna Fur Laxis
Location: Yorkshire, UK
Website:  www.annafurlaxis.com

Tattooed beauty, Anna Fur Laxis (a pun on anaphylaxis), is a pin-up model and noted burlesque performer. Incorporating classic burlesque elements with unique skills such as axe-throwing and magic tricks, her numbers are sure to take the viewer’s breath away.

With internationally-acclaimed performances, she is a resident performer at prestigious burlesque clubs such as Jeepers Peepers Burlesque (York, UK) and Wet Spot (Leeds, UK).

One of her career highs was achieving first runner-up in the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2011 Miss Exotic World, which, according to Anna, lead to some very exciting career opportunities. She performed a number called ‘The Prestige’ which became one of the most talked about performances in that event. It was a captivating strip-tease where she ‘magically’ made her clothes vanish piece by piece.

On one interview, when asked about her distinctive style, Anna shares “…although I am very keen to respect and give homage to the history of burlesque in my numbers, pushing boundaries and innovation is, to me, ultimately the most important and inspiring thing.” And truly inspiring she surely is.


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