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sublime boudoir
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Sublime Boudoir brings elegant burlesque and cabaret performances to delight its audiences. The first set of Sublime Boudoir shows spanned four evenings and took place in 2012 in truly stunning locations in Italy and The Netherlands. Each evening included delightful signature cuisines. The surrounding decor and stages were magnificent, including an amazingly life-like, tall tree which filled the voluminous heights of the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam. The tree’s branches filled the room with the aroma of fresh flowers which covered its branches, and it stood tall behind the large gilded bird cage which Roxy Velvet would perform in. Beautifully decorated dinner tables were arranged in front of the stage to seat the evening’s guests. There seemed to be as many people serving food and champagne as there were guests, and the service left you feeling truly pampered. Even the fabulous Armitage Shanks declared that he had never had the pleasure of appearing at such a luxurious event before.

“Sublime Boudoir is a live performance events company that brings world-renowned artists, singers and performers to dazzling lights, special effects and extraordinary music. Guests are taken on an imaginative journey through time, cultures and self. Sublime Boudoir encourages audiences to lose themselves in a world of burlesque performances, circus shows, music and art.”

Sublime Boudoir’s Photos

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  1. interested in your show at the old vic tunnels .. is it still
    happenming > if so how much ? to buy tickets


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