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Location: USA
Website: www.missdirtymartini.com
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Burlesque made a comeback and the new stars are creating new classic performances. One of the best performers in the world of burlesque entertainment goes by the stage name Dirty Martini and she is lighting up the stage in venues all over the world.

From New Jersey, Miss Dirty Martini was born into a performing family. A SUNY graduate, she studied Dance Performance and began work with a variety of theater and dance groups. However, once she discovered burlesque, she was hooked. Endowed with a voluptuous figure, she wanted to celebrate it and created a fan dancing act.

Dirty Martini’s talent was quickly recognized within the industry. In 2001, she won the Sally Rand Award for her fan dance. A hard-working performer, she worked with comedian and drag king Murray Hill as well as Taylor Mac and Penny Arcade. She celebrated with stunning performances in Margaret Cho’s “The Sensuous Woman” in 2007.

Dirty Martini has been proclaimed The Reigning Queen of Burlesque and has performed in New York, Las Vegas, and London. Now a headliner, she has graced the stage at international festivals such as the Tease-o-Rama. For three years in a row, she won the title “Best Body in Burlesque.

In 2013, Dirty Martini’s burlesque dancing is on tour with the Dita Von Teese’s Burlesque: Strip Strip Horray! revue. With pinups available and plenty of performances recorded on film, every fan of burlesque can get the opportunity to see this established star in action.

When it comes to modern burlesque, Dirty Martini leads the pack. She is creative and voluptuous with a huge personality! No wonder she with the burlesque performer that burlesque dancers love to watch.

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Dita von Teese burlesque performer
Location: USA
Website: www.dita.net
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When it comes to any sort of a classic beauty, one would quickly think of a retro styled pin up model. Dita Von Teese is well known for her unique style and her love for 1940s cinema as well as the starlet, retro style. This love for classic beauty was adopted at a very young age and nurtured by her mother who is known for buying her daughter all sorts of incredible clothing for her little girl to dress up in. This golden age Hollywood film era is where Dita draws her inspiration from and uses it throughout her modeling and shows today.

Not only does Dita Von Teese have an affinity for classic, retro style but she is also known to have a love for the art of dance. At a young age, she was trained in classical ballet and even had solo performances as early as age 13. This dance training can be seen today when she performs her numerous burlesque shows, which happen to sell out at each venue that she is booked. This love for dance as well as classic performance is what makes Dita such a unique beauty and incredible performer to behold.

Throughout the years, Dita Von Teese grew quite a fondness for the world of dressing up and lingerie, which led to her immense passion for frilly undergarments. From fashionable stockings to lace trimmed corsets and accessories, Von Teese is well known for being the poster girl for all that is glamorous about the retro pin up style. Not only does she star in the photo shoots, but she will often design all of the costumes and fully design the shoots herself. If you ever have a chance to see Dita Von Teese perform, you are going to be very glad that you did.

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Inga Ingenue
Location: United States
Website: www.ingaingenue.com
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Inga Ingénue, “The Little Blonde Bomb”, was born and raised in Seattle, WA where she began taking dance lessons at the age of three. For the next 16 years she studied French ballet, traditional and rhythmic tap dance, jazz and modern dance from instructor Susan Wright. In 1999 Inga attended Oberlin College where she studied modern dance and performed with the Oberlin Dance Company and VIBE Jazz/Tap Company.
Since joining the Seattle burlesque community in 2005 Inga has become an international burlesque star. In 2008 she was honored to compete for the title of Reigning Queen of Burlesque at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Competition. She is a permanent cast member of Lily Verlaine & Jasper McCann’s touring show “Land of The Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker” and plays the lead role of Alice in their annual production of “Through the Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice in Wonderland”. Inga is also featured in the wildy successful “House of Thee UnHoly”, produced by The Swedish Housewife, and was the opening performer for the Seattle leg of Immodesty Blaize’s “Burlesque Undressed” tour
Source: www.ingaingenue.com

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Stage Door Johnnies
Location: United States
Website:  www.TheStageDoorJohnnies.com
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If these are the boys next door, you must live in the nakedest neighborhood ever! The Stage Door Johnnies is the world’s only all-male burlesque group of its kind. Based in Chicago, performers Ray Gunn, Jett Adore, and Bazuka Joe give the audience a rare glimpse at a masculine twist on the historic art of striptease.

In just three years the ‘Johnnies’ have stripped their way across the U.S., Canada, and Australia headlining burlesque festivals, teaching workshops, and touring full stage shows.

The Stage Door Johnnies have been inducted into the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas with the title of “Best Group” 2011; named “Artists of the Year 2010” by the Burlesque Innovation Guild; and named in the Top 10 performers in the world by 21st Century Burlesque Magazine.

Unique and theatrical, the ‘Johnnies’ re-imagine the classic conventions of Bettie Page and Gypsy Rose Lee and create a genuine male counterpart with a strong base in dance, theater, and acrobatics.

Bazuka Joe

Bazuka JoeBazuka Joe is the sweet and charming Johnny. He’s also known as the “Asian Invasion” of burlesque… and if you think you like his crouching tiger, just wait until you see his hidden dragon!

Bazuka has headlined at the Dallas, Best of Midwest Burlesk, Show-Me Burlesque, Montreal, and Kansas City Burlesque Festivals and has toured all over the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

Bazuka is trained in contemporary dance, theater, and vault staff and uses his charm to create witty, clever acts that touch the hearts (and loins) of every audience.

Ray Gunn

Ray GunnRay Gunn is the rough and tumble Johnny… and like your morning cup of coffee, he’s strong, black, and keeps you going all day long!

Ray has headlined at the Texas, Windy City, Kansas City, Best of Midwest Burlesk, and Show-Me Burlesque Festivals and toured countless other cities internationally. Ray serves on the creative team of ‘Beggar’s Carnivale’ in St. Louis and is known for his insightful burlesque workshops.

Trained in contemporary dance, acrobatics, capoeira, and pole dancing, Ray creates imaginative, athletic, and often avant garde solo acts

Jett Adore

Jett AdoreJett Adore is the glamorous and elegant Johnny. Seven fans have been blinded by the bling covering this Diamond Stud, so a word of caution, you should always come wearing protection.

Jett has headlined at the Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Best of Midwest Burlesk, and Kansas City Burlesque Festivals. He was named “Most Innovative” at the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2011, and won “Best Duet” with Chicago Starlet, Frenchie Kiss, in 2012.

Jett has over 15 years experience as a professional actor/dancer. His acts are over-the-top theatrical spectacles.

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