Burlesque Performers NL
A comprehensive list of quality burlesque performers in The Netherlands

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Website:  www.dumasdance.nl
Raoulala is Holland’s premier boylesque performer. A professionally trained dancer, Raoulala has accomplished an impressive career in professional dance including ballet. The first time I saw Raoulala performing was at one of Madame Risquée‘s shows performing his Frog Prince act with performer Deena Ray. Men in ballet tights have a rather eye-opening affect on the ladies at the best of times and Raoulala was certainly no exception. Little was left to the imagination as he gracefully and gently frog-leaped across the stage in those froggy green tights!
Raoulala has appeared on Dutch television numerous times including on the popular series ‘Spuiten en Slikken’ which features discussions about sex, drink and drugs. How Dutch! Raoulala was interviewed by the show and has also appeared as a boylesque performer on the show in just his boxer shorts and a hat.
Roaulala’s style of performance is mostly the enjoyable tongue in cheek comedy striptease that is typically burlesque. Some of his acts are more professionally choreographed, mini theatrical performances such as ‘Thrill Bill’ where he appears alongside Deena Ray in a Chinese take on the movie Kill Bill.

Raoulala’s Photos

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Deena Ray
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Website:  www.deeandjay.nl
Deena Ray is a well known burlesque performer in The Netherlands, and the city of Rotterdam’s very first burlesque artist. Deena has performed both nationally and internationally, on stages from Paris and Berlin to Kaliningrad. Deena’s burlesque acts are appreciated for their originality and diversity and her style is typically humorous burlesque.  Once dubbed the female Charlie Chaplin, she has tribute acts of the golden era silent movie actor. Deena’s energetic performances are undoubtedly entertaining and especially enjoyable when appearing alongside fellow artist Raoulala.
Within The Netherlands, Deena has appeared at shows ‘Royal Dutchess Burlesque’, ‘Burlesque Freakout’, ‘Chocolate Burlesque’,  ‘Rotterdam Loves Burlesque’ and ‘Burlesque Ballroom’. Deena Ray also regularly teaches burlesque within The Netherlands and Belgium.

Photos of Deena Ray

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Marco Charles Buschman (aka Madame Risquée)
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Madame Risquée  is an alias and name of the business brought to life by Marco Buschman who started out as a retro DJ. Getting fed up of the lack of burlesque parties in The Netherlands, he decided to start some  himself, together with a group of like-minded people.

Compared to the USA, UK and Australia  it took a while longer  before the newly popular art of burlesque reached the Netherlands. The  mysterious Madame Risquée has been one of main initiators of burlesque in the Netherlands and has been at the forefront of most burlesque events since 2003. The Madame (co-) organises shows and parties with a ‘warm retro style feel’, scouts for talent and develops acts and burlesque concepts. A huge contributor to the burlesque community in the Netherlands,  Madame Risquée produces a variety of  shows including  Burlesque FreakOut, Wonder Salon, Chocolate Burlesque, 1920’s underground Party RaZzin’, workshops, Dr. Sketchy’s Amsterdam branch and more.

Marco Charles Buschman
DJ – VJ – Promoter – Wizard etcetera

Madame Risquée / Under The Hat
Karel Doormanstraat 113 hs – 1055VE – Amsterdam – The Netherlands – tel. 020 6826994


Beeby Rose
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Website:  www.beebyrose.com/
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Miss Beeby Rose has been at the forefront of the burlesque community in Amsterdam since 2003. Beeby was the very first ‘neo-teaser’ in the Dutch burlesque scene to tour internationally. Miss Beeby’s style is reminiscent of the golden era of burlesque, showing elements of grace, beauty, poise and elegance mixed with wisp of exotic flavour and gypsy style.  Beeby Rose has been trained in Classic Oriental Dance and she has a artistic background in theatre design.

Miss Beeby Rose was also the producer of the Amsterdam Burlesque Festival 2009 and 2010, and producer of the luxuriously decadent Sublime Boudoir hosted in Amsterdam in 2012.


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Victoria Romanova
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Website:  www.victoriaromanova.com
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Originally from Russia and now living in The Netherlands, international burlesque performer Victoria Romanova favours well-choreographed routines and pretty costumes. She has performed in The Netherlands and internationally for a number of years and has even appeared on top talent shows on Dutch television.

Victoria Romanova has a long career in professional dance and was the producer of the fabulous ‘Rotterdam Loves Burlesque’ show in 2009. Victoria now offers fun burlesque workshops. Check out her website for more information

Photos of Victoria Romanova

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