Boylesque Performers

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Raoulala is Holland’s premier boylesque performer. A professionally trained dancer, Raoulala has accomplished an impressive career in professional dance including ballet. The first time I saw Raoulala performing was at one of Madame Risquée‘s shows performing his Frog Prince act with performer Deena Ray. Men in ballet tights have a rather eye-opening affect on the ladies at the best of times and Raoulala was certainly no exception. Little was left to the imagination as he gracefully and gently frog-leaped across the stage in those froggy green tights!
Raoulala has appeared on Dutch television numerous times including on the popular series ‘Spuiten en Slikken’ which features discussions about sex, drink and drugs. How Dutch! Raoulala was interviewed by the show and has also appeared as a boylesque performer on the show in just his boxer shorts and a hat.
Roaulala’s style of performance is mostly the enjoyable tongue in cheek comedy striptease that is typically burlesque. Some of his acts are more professionally choreographed, mini theatrical performances such as ‘Thrill Bill’ where he appears alongside Deena Ray in a Chinese take on the movie Kill Bill.

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Stage Door Johnnies
Location: United States
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If these are the boys next door, you must live in the nakedest neighborhood ever! The Stage Door Johnnies is the world’s only all-male burlesque group of its kind. Based in Chicago, performers Ray Gunn, Jett Adore, and Bazuka Joe give the audience a rare glimpse at a masculine twist on the historic art of striptease.

In just three years the ‘Johnnies’ have stripped their way across the U.S., Canada, and Australia headlining burlesque festivals, teaching workshops, and touring full stage shows.

The Stage Door Johnnies have been inducted into the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas with the title of “Best Group” 2011; named “Artists of the Year 2010” by the Burlesque Innovation Guild; and named in the Top 10 performers in the world by 21st Century Burlesque Magazine.

Unique and theatrical, the ‘Johnnies’ re-imagine the classic conventions of Bettie Page and Gypsy Rose Lee and create a genuine male counterpart with a strong base in dance, theater, and acrobatics.

Bazuka Joe

Bazuka JoeBazuka Joe is the sweet and charming Johnny. He’s also known as the “Asian Invasion” of burlesque… and if you think you like his crouching tiger, just wait until you see his hidden dragon!

Bazuka has headlined at the Dallas, Best of Midwest Burlesk, Show-Me Burlesque, Montreal, and Kansas City Burlesque Festivals and has toured all over the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

Bazuka is trained in contemporary dance, theater, and vault staff and uses his charm to create witty, clever acts that touch the hearts (and loins) of every audience.

Ray Gunn

Ray GunnRay Gunn is the rough and tumble Johnny… and like your morning cup of coffee, he’s strong, black, and keeps you going all day long!

Ray has headlined at the Texas, Windy City, Kansas City, Best of Midwest Burlesk, and Show-Me Burlesque Festivals and toured countless other cities internationally. Ray serves on the creative team of ‘Beggar’s Carnivale’ in St. Louis and is known for his insightful burlesque workshops.

Trained in contemporary dance, acrobatics, capoeira, and pole dancing, Ray creates imaginative, athletic, and often avant garde solo acts

Jett Adore

Jett AdoreJett Adore is the glamorous and elegant Johnny. Seven fans have been blinded by the bling covering this Diamond Stud, so a word of caution, you should always come wearing protection.

Jett has headlined at the Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Best of Midwest Burlesk, and Kansas City Burlesque Festivals. He was named “Most Innovative” at the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2011, and won “Best Duet” with Chicago Starlet, Frenchie Kiss, in 2012.

Jett has over 15 years experience as a professional actor/dancer. His acts are over-the-top theatrical spectacles.

Stage Door Johnnies Photos

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