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The first ever Amsterdam Burlesque Award will take place in Amsterdam from 13th November to 16th November 2014. Tickets are available on the Amsterdam Burlesque Award website: www.amsterdamburlesqueaward.com/tickets.htm. The venue is CMA Theater, Paradijsplein 1, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
This spreadsheet has been shared with kind permission from the lovely Ri Ri SynCyr on her website Burlesque Festivals. Thank you Ri Ri SynCyr!
london burlesque festival
The London Burlesque festival was founded in 2006 by producer and burlesque pioneer, Chaz Royal. Held in May every year The London Burlesque Festival spans an impressive number of days which seems to be on the increase every year. In 2013 the London burlesque shows were held over a...
the wet spot leeds
Regular Burlesque Shows Here are the best and longest standing burlesque shows around the UK The Wet Spot, Leeds (regular events throughout the year) The Wet Spot has been hosting burlesque and cabaret events since 2007 and showcases some of the UK's finest burlesque performers, including Ana Fur Laxis and Missy Malone.  For...
sublime boudoir

Sublime Boudoir

Sublime Boudoir is a live performance events company that brings world-renowned artists, singers and performers to dazzling lights, special effects and extraordinary music. Guests are taken on an imaginative journey through time, cultures and self. Sublime Boudoir encourages audiences to lose themselves in a world of burlesque performances, circus shows, music and art.