5 Burlesque Outfits for Men


Get some inspiration for burlesque outfits for men: whatever outfit you decide to wear for a burlesque event, in order to fit in and look the part you’ll need to find an outfit which has some kind of historical reference. Here are some great ideas of what men can wear to a burlesque event.

1. The Steampunk



What is steampunk? Read about it here: about steampunk.

2. The Victorian


3. The Rockabilly

rockabilly look for men

4. The Roaring 20’s Dashing Gent


1920s suits for men

For more 20’s dressing style ideas check out our article Dressing in 20s Style.

5. The Regency Dandy

By Karl Lagerfeld

Looking for some inspiration for your lady’s outfit? Check out our burlesque styling article.

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  1. […] Men can also look the part in quite a variety of different styles too, but again styles must always have an historical flavour. I love the Victorian Steampunk look which transforms a gentleman by adding flavours of futuristic elements such as brass cogs and watches fastened to parts of your hat or sleeves. Hard to imagine but these look really very dashing. Check out our article burlesque clothing for men. […]


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